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Our Diabetology Department provides comprehensive in-house patient and outpatient facilities and is run by a highly qualified and experienced team of doctors. The department is highly equipped to undertake managing and supervising of diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders.

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What is Diabetes?

Over 425 million people are currently living with diabetes. Most, of the cases, are type 2 diabetes, which is largely preventable, through regular physical activity, a healthy and balanced diet,  and a healthy living environment.

The most common non-communicable disease affecting India today is Diabetes Mellitus. It is a metabolic disorder, in which an individual has an increased level of blood sugar.

As per research, it currently affects an estimated 143 million people worldwide and the number is growing rapidly.

About Aditya Clinic

Aditya clinic and specialty diabetes centre is operational since 2009 at baner with aim to provide economical and ethical consultation to patient. Since then it has grown with blessing of approximately 9000 patients till today

We offer various services like physician consultaion, diabetes care, thyroid clinic etc.

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Types of Diabetes

Type1 diabetes

The body does not produce pancreatic hormones. People with type 1 need to take tablets every day regularly for life long.

Type2 diabetes

The body does not make or use pancreatic hormones well. People with type 2 often need to take tablets. It is a common form of diabetes.

Medical Procedures


The A1C test is a commonly used blood test used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetic conditions and then to monitor how well your body is managing it. The A1C diabetes test is also known as glycosylated haemoglobin, glycatedhemoglobin, hemoglobin A1C and HbA1c.

The A1C test result indicates the average blood sugar level of your body for the past two to three years. Particularly, the A1C test measures what percentage of hemoglobin is coated with sugar (glycated). The higher your A1C level, the weaker is your blood sugar control resulting in higher risk of diabetes complications.


The glucose challenge test monitors your body’s reaction to sugar (glucose). This test is done during pregnancy to scan for gestational diabetes, diabetes that develops due to pregnancy.

The glucose challenge test is done in a two-step process. First, you drink a sugary solution. Second, an hour later, your blood sugar level is recorded. The result indicates whether there is a possibility of gestational diabetes.

If the test results are not within normal level, further testing may be required to determine the diagnosis.


The glucose tolerance test, or the oral glucose tolerance test, is also done to measure your body’s response to sugar (glucose). The glucose tolerance test is most commonly used to check for type 2 diabetes. Glucose tolerance test is a modified version of the glucose challenge test used to detect gestational diabetes.


This therapy includes breathing sterilized oxygen in a pressurized room or concentrated tube. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the most commonly used treatment for decompression sickness- an accident of scuba diving. Other disorders treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy include severe infections, air bubbles in your blood vessels, and wounds that won’t heal naturally due to diabetes or radiation injury. In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the air pressure is increased by three times than the normal air pressure. These conditions lead to your lungs inhaling more oxygen than what would be possible to breathe pure oxygen at normal air pressure. Your blood carries this oxygen throughout your body, which helps your body to fight bacteria and stimulate the release of chemicals like growth factors and stem cells, which aid the healing process.

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What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious problem when there is too much sugar production in the blood as compared to normal blood sugar levels. It can be type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, pre diabetes & gestational diabetes.

What are the symptoms of diabetes? Can i cure it with regular exercise and diet changes without a diabetologist in delhi?

Yes, according to Dr Hemi Soneja lifestyle changes help a lot with diabetes but she recommends to seek a proper check up by a diabetes specialist to know the exact density of the issue.

What is a diabetic expert called?

Diabetic experts specialise in diagnosing, preventing, treating, and managing diabetic conditions. Diabetic experts are otherwise referred to as diabetologists- endocrinologists' expertise in diabetes treatment.

What is the best doctor to see for diabetes?

An endocrinologist is a specialist, trained and experienced in treating people with hormonal disorders. They specialise in the working, development, and growth of various endocrine glands that secrete different endocrine hormones, including insulin, that leads to diabetes when less secreted by the pancreas. Diabetologists are specially trained endocrinologists specialised in treating diabetes mellitus- a condition caused due to low insulin production in the body.

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